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I'm Stacy Sanseverino, REALTOR®

Like most REALTORS® who survive their first 2 years in our industry, I had to cobble together my education to earn the trust of my clients who rely on me to protect $100,000s of their hard-earned money & keep them coming back to me over and over again for their real estate needs.

Over the years, I have developed habits & systems around knowing the contract inside & out to negotiate as an expert, around being intentional and proactive with how I communicate with my 600+ clients (plus sphere of influence), and creating Buyer & Seller processes, checklists and guides to streamline my practice, dig deep for motivation and help my clients make better decisions with less hesitation & more enthusiasm.

And now, I've translated my experience & knowledge into an online training experience that will help you and your agents bypass years of heartache & trouble when you invest the time now to learn in 15 weeks what it took me 19+ years to master.

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