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The Delaware BOOT CAMP to master the Real Estate Contracts & Client Services

Problem solve & create win-win solutions like a seasoned Agent by mastering the Delaware Real Estate Sales Contracts & the Client sales process from start to finish.

This fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Boot Camp is offered in 14 learning modules over 14 weeks including:

  • Online lessons with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS, QUIZZES & MORE!

  • Weekly 57-minute LIVE MASTERMINDS

  • Real world Assignments & opportunities for feedback on real live situations in your business.

14 Modules / 14 Weeks


Make & Receive Well-crafted Offers

  • Overview of the Contract to Close period

  • How to explain the Agreement of Sale to a Buyer or Seller

  • Documents to exchange during the transaction

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Worksheet


Master DocuSign

  • How to use DocuSign to prepare the Agreements of Sale and Buyer & Seller Agency Agreements

  • How to share documents with your Client for their signature

  • How to correct unsigned/signed documents & share with the other Agent

  • Offer Prep Worksheet


Learn the Agreements of Sale

  • Stacy’s Delaware Contracts Guide 

  • Section-by-Section review of the Agreement of Sale

  • Sample Timeline for Dates & Deadlines Worksheet


How to PreQualify Clients

  • Learn the process of helping a Client from Consult to Contract

  • How to prequalify a Buyer and Seller before the Consultation

  • How to put together your own Buyer and Seller Guides


Learn the Agency Agreements

  • Explain the benefits of Buyer & Seller Agency so you can win Prospects over to Clients

  • Paragraph-by-Paragraph review of the Consumer Information Statement and the Buyer & Seller Agency Agreements

  • Explanation of all new-Client Disclosure forms


Consulting with Clients

  • How to conduct the Buyer Strategy Session method & Listing consultation 

  • How to dig deep for motivation & handle objections

  • Demonstration of a prerecorded, real-life Buyer Session


Consult on Mortgages & Appraisals

  • Learn the Mortgage & Appraisal basics by loan & property type

  • How to consult about Mortgages, Appraisals & Seller Assists

  • How to determine the Net Worth Difference of a Renter vs a Buyer

  • Topics to discuss in a Buyer Workshop


Master Buyer Closing Cost Estimates & Seller Net Sheets

  • Learn my "Closing Cost Ninja" techniques to think on your feet!

  • How to prepare Closing Cost Estimates with Seller Assists

  • Set up your Buyer & Seller Closing Cost Preferences in BrightMLS so that you can run many scenarios in minutes

  • Closing Cost Cheat Sheet for reference


Master Pricing & Statistics

  • How to price a home using comparable sales & market statistics

  • Market Stats Analysis Worksheet

  • Calculating a Cap Rate and After-Renovated Value for investor clients


The Property Condition: Disclosures & Inspections

  • Explanation of Delaware Property Condition Disclosures & Inspection Negotiation Forms

  • Explanation of Home Warranties

  • Logistics of Inspection Negotiations

  • Terminating the Agreement of Sale


Master Negotiations

  • Learn communication skills to be an effective Negotiator

  • Learn Objection Handling basics

  • Deal-killing behaviors

  • Audit a Multiple Offer Workshop

  • Audit a conversation with an inspector about Inspection Negotiations


Sell your Listing

  • How to prepare the Home for the Market (including selling “as-is”)

  • Entering listing in MLS & ShowingTime

  • Marketing & Showing your listings (including Open Houses)


Showings & Advanced Buyer Conversations

  • Learn how to Select, Show, Sell & Comp homes

  • How to ask for a Buying decision at every house you show

  • How to help Buyers who need to sell first

  • How to PreQualify Investor-Buyers


Miscellaneous Addenda & Transaction Coordination

  • Explanation of the Change In Terms Addendum

  • Explanation of Condos and Homeowners Associations

  • Explanation of the Occupancy Addenda

  • Mobile Homes in Delaware

  • Learn how to charge a Transaction Coordination Fee

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