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The Be the CEO BOOT CAMP to
run your business & calendar like a pro

Apply the 4 Models as outlined in Gary Keller's seminal book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" to your business. Master your time so you can build a great business & life.

This fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Boot Camp is offered in learning modules over 8 weeks including:

  • Online lessons that are available 24/7 with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS & MORE!

  • Weekly 57-minute Group Coaching

  • Creation of & time blocking your MREA-inspired Business Plan

  • Use the 33 Ways to Evaluate the Health of your Sales Career tool to determine which skills or lead generation efforts you should target for maximum impact on your business.

8 Modules / 8 Weeks



  • Review your last 12 months of business

  • Review the 5 Jobs of a Real Estate Agent

  • Understand the Compound Effect of focusing on your One Thing


Your Calendar

  • Reframing "Time Management" as “Self-Management-in-Time”

  • Create an ideal work week to reflect your personal & professional goals

  • Time Management strategies to have great business & a personal life too!


The Economic & Lead Generation Models

  • Learn about & apply the Economic & Lead Generation Models from the MREA

  • Identify your target numbers to achieve your goals in business

  • Identify the Activities you will do to earn that business

  • Review the 3 Major Touch Campaigns recommended by the MREA


Your Database

  • How to think about Prospecting (aka Lead Generation) so it is more enjoyable

  • Understanding what a database really is & how to grow it

  • How to organize your database & label your contacts for maximum marketing & lead generation impact

  • The importance of & tips for tracking your Pipeline Activity


The Budget & Organizational Models

  • Learn about & apply the Budget & Organizational Models from the MREA.

  • Identify the minimum amount of investment to fund your ideal business.

  • Identify who will help you achieve your business goals.


Building Relationships

  • How to put yourself in your Prospects' & Clients' shoes when you communicate & market to them

  • Bob Burg's Expert Advice on Building Relationships that last

  • Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

  • How to leave a great Voicemail


Putting it all together

  • Refine your Business Plan & Calendar and put it into action!

  • Use my proprietary "33 Ways to Evaluate the Health of Your Sales Career" tool to target areas for improvement including, 

    • where in your Pipeline Pathway you are experiencing the most friction

    • the underlying skills or processes that would help you get more out of the business you have or help you get more business

    • which Agent University Lessons would help you level up your skills, Lead Generation activities, and your business & personal lives


Accountability Frameworks

  • Use the 6 Personal Perspectives by Gary Keller to maximize your effectiveness in life

  • Explore how The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney/Sean Covey and The 12-Week Year by Brian P. Moran can shape how you get your work done

  • Wrap-Up & Next Steps for Growth


Prospecting Tools

  • Bonus Lessons on a variety of tools to help you in your Lead Generation & Database Nurture Campaigns:

    • Homesnap by BrightMLS​

    • Postcards & Handwritten Notes

    • Dialer, Email Newsletters & Action Plans

    • How to upload a video to YouTube

    • Homekeepr Vendor Database & Content provider

  • Bonus for KW Agents: how to use all facets of KW Command for your business.​

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