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The Prospecting BOOT CAMP to communicate with Clients & Prospects

Communicate with your Clients & Prospects and provide value at every turn without sounding "salesy" by implementing a Proactive & Systematic Nurture Campaign.

This fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Boot Camp is offered in 15 learning modules over 15 weeks including:

  • Online lessons with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS & MORE!

  • Weekly 57-minute Group Coaching

  • Implementation of the communication Systems & Tools

15 Modules / 15 Weeks


Organize & Prepare

  • Organize, build & segment your Database 

  • Overview of the 7 Week Plan for the Top 150 people in your Sphere of Influence

  • How to track leads & manage your pipeline


Tools & Messaging

  • Put the tech tools in place for the 7 Week Plan 

  • Customize the message for your target audience

  • Get feedback on your messaging


Implementation time!

  • Every week for 7 Weeks, you will initiate the 7 Week Plan for a new list of 25 people

  • Every week you will continue action items for each of your Lists from prior Weeks

  • Your activities will build as you approach Week 9 of our 15 Weeks, and then scale down as we reach Week 15


FSBOs & Expired Listings

  • Scripts to prospect to For Sale by Owners & Expired Listings

  • Objection Handling Formula & scripts

  • Positive Present to Positive Future exercise to help your clients take action


Planning your Annual Touch Plan

  • Learn about the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book's "36 to Convert" Touch Plan

  • How to Build your Business on a Shoestring Budget

  • Continue your 7 Week Action Plan

  • Build your "36 to Convert" Touch Plan


Complete & Continue

  • Complete your final 2 weeks of your 7 Week Plan

  • Budget, Finalize & Calendar your Annual Touch Plan for the next 8-12 months

  • You will have already implemented 19 Touches if you do the 7 Week Plan to it's fullest potential!

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