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The Prospecting BOOT CAMP to communicate with Clients & Prospects

Communicate with your Clients & Prospects and provide value at every turn without sounding "salesy" by implementing a Proactive & Systematic Nurture Campaign in this virtual boot camp in just 15 weeks.

Communicate & Create Clients with Command 

Communicate with your Clients & Prospects and provide value at every turn without sounding "salesy" by implementing a Proactive & Systematic Nurture Campaign in this virtual boot camp in just 15 weeks. 

  • You’ve been struggling to communicate with  people with whom you want to work because you don't want to sound "salesy".

  • You're frustrated because your Database/CRM is out of control. You can't seem to figure out how to make it work for you. Your hottest prospects seem to fall through the cracks despite your latest attempts at organization. 

  • You're holding back. You might even be holding yourself back from proactively finding clients because you are already overwhelmed managing and keeping in touch with the people you already know. 

These frustrations are totally normal in our industry and your desire to build relationships & organize your business is commendable. This 15-Week Prospecting Virtual Boot Camp is designed to teach you the simple tools & processes you can implement on your own time, with weekly 45 minute Webinar Workshops to keep you on pace to communicate with your Top 150 relationships in a meaningful way for the next 52 weeks to come.

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Your clients are trusting you with $100,0005. 

When your prospective clients see how much value you provide them & feel the care you have for them, they will trust you to advise them well & you will have earned the confidence they have placed in you.

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Prospecting Your prospects are trusting you to advise them well.

 When you translate these tools to people you've just met, your prospects will find it easy to trust you. Coupled with increased confidence, you will start to enjoy meeting new people and adding them to your database as leads & then clients

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Your clients are trusting you to get them a great deal

When you develop good habits around communicating with & adding value to your clients' lives plus organizing your database, you are more in tune with the details. This makes it easier to find ways to help your client get a great deal

Agent University by Stacy presents: The Working with Clients Boot Camp from Consult to Contract

This Virtual Boot Camp is offered in 8 learning modules over 8 weeks: ​ ​ Online lessons with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS & MORE! Weekly 45-minute LIVE WEBINAR WORKSHOPS Interactive Assignments, Role Play & Feedback Opportunities ​ ​ You'll be Mastering Working with Buyers & Sellers as you progress through this fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Working with Clients Boot Camp.

Organize & Prepare

  • Organize, build & segment your Database with KW Command in mind

  • Overview of the 7 Week Plan for the Top 150 people in your Sphere of Influence

  • How to track leads & manage your pipeline

Tools & Messaging

  • Put the tech tools in place for the 7 Week Plan including KW Command App/website, Buyer & Seller guides & more!

  • Customize the message for your target audience

  • Get feedback on your messaging

  • BONUS: How to analyze the Net Worth Difference of a Renter & a Homeowner

Implementation time!

  • Every week for 7 Weeks, you will initiate the 7 Week Plan for a new list of 25 people

  • Every week you will continue action items for each of your Lists from prior Weeks

  • Your activities will build as you approach Week 9 of our 15 Weeks, and then scale down as we reach Week 15

Planning your Annual Touch Plan

  • The MREA "36 to Convert" Touch Plan

  • How to Build your Business on a Shoestring Budget

  • Continue your 7 Week Action Plan Build your "36 to Convert" Touch Plan

Complete & Continue

  • Complete your final 2 weeks of your 7 Week Plan

  • Budget, Finalize & Calendar your Annual Touch Plan for the next 8-12 months

  • You will have already implemented 19 Touches if you do the 7 Week Plan to it's fullest potential!


Are you Ready?

To stand out from a crowded field of sales people and Communicate with your Clients & Prospects in a non-salesy, meaningful way? ​ Join us today and start your Prospecting Boot Camp within 24 Business hours. The Investment is $97/month x 4 per Boot Camp for 4 months of access or if you sign up all 3 Boot Camps, your investment is $197/month x 6 months for 12 months of access.

Our Guarenty

We are in the business of helping Agents feel confident & comfortable  communicating & cultivating relationships with their Clients & Prospects. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have on your business, you have 10 days to withdraw your Agent University and get a full  refund. No harm no foul. 

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  • Your Prospecting Virtual Boot Camp experience starts immediately, once you click the "Sign Me Up!" button below. Once you click the button below, you'll be taken to our secure checkout to complete registration and receive an email receipt.


Within 24 business hours, you will receive:

  • Access to your Virtual Boot Camp portal

  • Your login information for the Webinar Workshops, which are on Wednesdays from 1 to 1:45pm EST

  • Your What's App invitation

  • Your Weekly email update

What are you waiting for?

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