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The CONTRACTS BOOT CAMP to master the Pennsylvania Real Estate Contracts

Problem solve & create win-win solutions like a seasoned Agent by mastering the Pennsylvania Real Estate Sales Contracts.

This fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Boot Camp is offered in 8 learning modules over 8 weeks including:

  • Online lessons with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS, QUIZZES & MORE!

  • Weekly 45-60 minute LIVE WEBINAR WORKSHOPS

  • Interactive Assignments, Role Play & Feedback Opportunities

8 Modules / 8 Weeks


Make & Receive Well-crafted Offers

  • How to explain the contract to buyer or seller

  • Documents to exchange in the offer

  • How to explain of a variety of the most common Forms & Disclosures

  • Questions to ask Listing Agent before making an offer

  • Offer Cover Letters


Learn the 2 Agreements of Sale

  • Explore PA Association of Realtors' & Stacy's Guides to the Standard & New Construction Agreements of Sale

  • Paragraph-by-Paragraph Review of each Agreement

  • Thematic review of the Resale Agreement


Master DocuSign

  • How to use KW Command & DocuSign transactions

  • How to create Listing & Buyer Contracts

  • How to prepare offers for resale, new construction and vacant land properties

  • How to correct unsigned/signed documents & share with the other Agent


Learn the Agency Contracts

  • Learn the Buyer & Seller Agency forms so you can win Prospects over to Clients.

  • Learn the Consumer Notice & Oral Disclosure

  • Learn how to charge a Conveyance Fee


Field Assignment Week

  • Agreements of Sale exercise

  • Role Play & Record your explanations

  • Submit your recorded explanation for feedback on substance & style


Master Closing Estimates & Net Sheets

  • Learn the Mortgage basics by loan & property type

  • Set up your Closing Cost Preferences in BrightMLS so that you can run many scenarios in minutes

  • Learn my "Closing Cost Ninja" techniques to think on your feet!


Learn Dozens more common forms!

  • Learn when to use & how to explain the balance of the 40 most commonly used PA forms for

    • Inspections​

    • Home Sale Contingencies

    • Pre & Post-settlement Posession

  • Download each blank document for quick access later when you need it in a pinch


Advanced Topics

  • Negotiate inspections successfully

  • Work with multiple offers

  • Apply what you've learned by correcting "sloppy offers"

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