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The CONTRACTS BOOT CAMP to master the Pennsylvania Real Estate Contracts

Problem solve & create win-win solutions like a seasoned Agent by mastering the Pennsylvania Real Estate Sales Contracts in this virtual boot camp in just 8 weeks.

Master Working With Buying & Seller Clients

Guide your buyer Seller clients from consult to contract like a pro Prequalify, consult, advise on finances and show homes with a purpose. You will help your Buyers get to "yes" with less hesitation & more enthusiasm. Price your listings to sell & cross the finish line with less stress.

  • You’ve been struggling to find classes, a coach or mentor to line up with your busy schedule so that you can learn how to prequalify & advise your prospective Buyers & Sellers, in a sequenced & comprehensive way.

  • You're frustrated because you seem to find surprises around every corner. If only you knew how to set expectations and preempt major hiccups, you would crush it working with Buyers & Sellers.

  • You might even be holding yourself back from proactively finding Buyers & Sellers to help because you lack the confidence to help them well. You may also be a first time buyer yourself, never having bought or sold a home personally!

These frustrations are totally normal in our industry and your desire to do right by your client is commendable. This 8-week Working with Clients Virtual Boot Camp is designed to teach you what you need to know on your own time, in order, in depth and with various assignments, role plays and recorded activities that will help you apply what you learn & get feedback on your progress.

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Your clients are trusting you with $100,000s.

When you know how to price homes, advise on finances & create the perfect Seller Assist, you will be more confident in your recommendations to your clients & be able to advise them like a pro

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Your prospects are trusting you to advise them well.

When you know the process of helping a Client from Consult to Contract, you will be excited to find people to help because you KNOW you can help them.

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Your clients are trusting you to get them a great deal

When you understand what your client deeply cares about and have a solid knowledge of the finances of a deal, you will have the foundation to be a problem solver & top notch negotiator for your clients

Agent University by Stacy presents: The Working with Clients Boot Camp from Consult to Contract

This Virtual Boot Camp is offered in 8 learning modules over 8 weeks: ​ ​ Online lessons with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS & MORE! Weekly 45-minute LIVE WEBINAR WORKSHOPS Interactive Assignments, Role Play & Feedback Opportunities ​ ​ You'll be Mastering Working with Buyers & Sellers as you progress through this fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Working with Clients Boot Camp.

Buyer & Seller Process Overview

  • The process of helping a Client from Consult to Contract

  • How to prequalify a Buyer and Seller

  • How to put together your own Buyer and Seller Guide

The Buyer & Seller Consultations

  • Learn the Buyer Strategy Session method & Listing consultation

  • Recorded, real-life Buyer Session

  • How to dig deep for motivation & handle objections Role Play & record for feedback ​

Buyer Agency & Listing Contracts

  • Learn the Buyer Agency forms so you can win Prospects over to Clients

  • Learn the Consumer Notice & Oral Disclosure

  • Learn how to charge a Conveyance Fee

  • How to use Doc Sign Rooms for your paperwork

Mortgages & Appraisals

  • Learn about Loan Types, Terms & Credit

  • Learn about  Seller's Assists & Closing Costs

  • Learn about Appraisals

  • Learn how to do a Net Worth Difference Analysis of a Renter vs a Buyer

How to Price a home

  • How to use "comps" to price a home to sell

  • How to understand market statistics & explain them to your client

  • Calculating a Cap Rate and After-Renovated Value for investor clients

  • 6 real life examples how I priced homes & investments

Master Closing Estimates & Net Sheets

  • Learn the Mortgage basics by loan & property type

  • Set up your Closing Cost Preferences in BrightMLS so that you can run many scenarios in minutes

  • Learn my "Closing Cost Ninja" techniques to consult on your feet!

Showings & Advanced Conversations

  • Learn how to Select, Show, Sell & Comp homes

  • Learn the "Buyer Rating Game" How to consult with Buyers who need to sell first

  • How to PreQualify Investor-Buyers

  • Learn the different types of Homeownership

Sell your Listing

  • Advise your client how to prepare the home for the market

  • Sell the property

  • "As-Is"?

  • Marketing your listings

  • Open Houses for your listings


Are you Ready?

Sign up for one Boot Camp for $97/month x 4 months and get 4 months of access


Sign up for all 3 Boot Camps for $197/month x 6 months and get 12 months access!

Our Guarenty

We are in the business of helping Agents feel confident & comfortable guiding their Clients from Consult to Contract. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have on your business, you have 10 days to withdraw your Agent University membership and get a full refund. No harm no foul. 

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  • Your Working with Clients Boot Camp experience starts immediately by clicking the "Sign Me Up!" button below. Once you click the button below, you'll be taken to our secure checkout to complete registration and receive an email receipt.


Within 24 business hours, you will receive:

Access to your Virtual Boot Camp portal Your login information for the Webinar Workshops, which are on Tuesdays from 2pm to 2:45pm EST Your What's App invitation Your Weekly email update

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