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The Be the CEO BOOT CAMP to
run your business & calendar like a pro

Apply the 4 Models as outlined in Gary Keller's seminal book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" to your business. Master your time so you can build a great business & life.

This fast-paced, dynamic & virtual Boot Camp is offered in learning modules over 8 weeks including:

  • Online lessons that are available 24/7 with VIDEOS, DOWNLOADS & MORE!

  • Weekly 57-minute Group Coaching

  • Creation of & time blocking your MREA-inspired Business Plan

  • Use the 33 Ways to Evaluate the Health of your Sales Career tool to determine which skills or lead generation efforts you should target for maximum impact on your business.

8 Modules / 8 Weeks



  • Review your last 12 months of business

  • Review the 5 Jobs of a Real Estate Agent

  • Understand the Compound Effect of focusing on your One Thing

BONUS: Complete your 1st Week's Assignments and I will send you a copy of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent or The One Thing by Gary Keller!


Your Calendar

  • Reframing "Time Management" as “Self-Management-in-Time”

  • Create an ideal work week to reflect your personal & professional goals

  • Time Management strategies to have great business & a personal life too!


The Economic & Lead Generation Models

  • Learn about & apply the Economic & Lead Generation Models from the MREA

  • Identify your target numbers to achieve your goals in business

  • Identify the Activities you will do to earn that business

  • Review the 3 Major Touch Campaigns recommended by the MREA


Your Database

  • How to think about Prospecting (aka Lead Generation) so it is more enjoyable

  • Understanding what a database really is & how to grow it

  • How to organize your database & label your contacts for maximum marketing & lead generation impact

  • The importance of & tips for tracking your Pipeline Activity


The Budget & Organizational Models

  • Learn about & apply the Budget & Organizational Models from the MREA.

  • Identify the minimum amount of investment to fund your ideal business.

  • Identify who will help you achieve your business goals.


Building Relationships

  • How to put yourself in your Prospects' & Clients' shoes when you communicate & market to them

  • Bob Burg's Expert Advice on Building Relationships that last

  • Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

  • How to leave a great Voicemail


Putting it all together

  • Refine your Business Plan & Calendar and put it into action!

  • Use my proprietary "33 Ways to Evaluate the Health of Your Sales Career" tool to target areas for improvement including, 

    • where in your Pipeline Pathway you are experiencing the most friction

    • the underlying skills or processes that would help you get more out of the business you have or help you get more business

    • which Agent University Lessons would help you level up your skills, Lead Generation activities, and your business & personal lives


Accountability Frameworks

  • Use the 6 Personal Perspectives by Gary Keller to maximize your effectiveness in life

  • Explore how The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney/Sean Covey and The 12-Week Year by Brian P. Moran can shape how you get your work done

  • Wrap-Up & Next Steps for Growth


Prospecting Tools

  • Bonus Lessons on a variety of tools to help you in your Lead Generation & Database Nurture Campaigns:

    • Homesnap by BrightMLS​

    • Postcards & Handwritten Notes

    • Dialer, Email Newsletters & Action Plans

    • How to upload a video to YouTube

    • Homekeepr Vendor Database & Content provider

  • Bonus for KW Agents: how to use all facets of KW Command for your business.​





Your Participation

  • The program is free during the inaugural launch of Be the CEO because we are testing a theory about Learner participation.

  • Pain vs Pleasure:

    • Because the pain of not achieving our long-term goals is so far out into the future, it is tempting not to complete the activities we KNOW will help us in the present because doing anything else is more pleasurable.

    • Our goal is to bring a little bit of potential "pain" into the present if you do not do the work you have already decided will help you achieve your long-term goals.

  • All Learners will be using, an accountability tool that eliminates excuses and will help give you the nudge you may need to get the work done. Trust me, you'll thank me later.


  • Each Learner will decide how much to commit($50, $100, $200 - your choice) to be donated to an "anti-charity" of your choice. I'm willing to bet you will do anything to avoid giving an organization who goes against your beliefs that money!

  • The beauty is that you only pay if you DON'T complete your weekly assignments & attend the Weekly Zoom.

  • So you either do this entire program for FREE and set yourself on a path to achieving your long-term goals or you pay now as a reminder of the future pain of potentially not achieving your goals.

  • The only other requirement for participation is that you have been in Real Estate Sales for at least 12 months and have accomplished at least 12 deals in the past year.

    • If you are working towards that, check out the Pennsylvania or Delaware Boot Camps so we can help you get to your next level!

  • Agents from all Brokerages & States are welcome to participate!​

  • If you are a Broker having your Agents participate and they get the value they came for, let's talk about how Agent University by Stacy can service your entire organization!

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